Public Relation In Marketing

Public Relations
Public relations – corporate issues and concepts word cloud illustration. Word collage concept.

Carter McNamara says that public relation is a continuous process by the seller to create and maintain a good public image about the seller and the offering. This is done through a clear understanding of the offering and seller across newspaper, television, radio and so on. Publicity, on the other hand, has no control for the seller to manage the content received by the audience.

Public relation as discussed by Chand (2015) serves both marketing and non-marketing functions.

“Marketing public relation functions is the PR activities which is designed to support marketing objective”, so said by Thomas L. Harris. These PR activities referred by Harris consist raising awareness, gaining understanding, building trust, informing and educating, offering buyers a reason to buy and motivating them to purchase the product or service.

Public relation creates and maintains a mutual relationship between the seller and the buyer, among employees within an organization, between the business and the government or investor or community. All these relationships described above play a non-marketing function in the public relation process.

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