Transition from being a student to a professional


T-shaped individual

According to the text, the writer describes a T-shaped individual that companies need. The topic deviates from what my blog is known for but being an MBA student I found it necessary to mention it.

To build a career in any field several skills needs to be cultivated in order to become an effective individual and a good employee. Saleem Sufi, a well known CFO in the middle east, as been quoted severally saying that employers are not putting job ads in the newspapers and websites but have developed a culture of referrals in picking their candidates.

  1. Are you all rounded? aside from our profession what else do you know?
  2. What skill sets have you acquired that is needed by the employer?
  3. If someone googles you today what will be displayed?

I believe as a student those are the key questions that ought to be answering before finishing school.



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