How do you measure web marketing success?

The web has proven to be an efficient way of communicating. In particular, the web has reduced the time and distance of disseminating information to the intended user. According to Charles W. Lamb, the physical distance in marketing has been eliminated and international marketing reaches a wider audience.

Success on the web will depend on the international vision that acknowledges social, political, cultural, economic, demographic, resource, infrastructural and legal differences (Lamb, 2012). In this field marketers must always be researching into new ways of web marketing as the web keeps on evolving every day. In order for the web marketing technique to be effective, the technology should be right for specific markets. If the target market is not ready to adopt the technology then the web marketing campaign will fail.

As a CRM (customer relationship management) strategy, all the information should be stored in a database to understand the customer. Customers need systems that are secure with top-notch privacy.

In an attempt to measure the success of any marketing, marketers need to know what exactly is required in the calculation. For example, marketers can look at the log data and compare it to overall sales over the web.

Stickiness = Frequency * Duration * Site Reach

From the equation above provided by Lamb (2012), stickiness factors can help marketers determine the initial response to the current and from the change marketers can make a decision based on the engagement. Narrowing down to a single user, marketers can find out the frequency and monetary value of the particular user and be able to predict if they will spend money or not again on the offering.

Google analytics can be employed to find out the number of times search phrases is displayed, clicks, cost of clicking, conversation rate, the number of e-commerce transactions, revenue per click, ROI and the margins.


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