Brief introduction to introverted and extroverted thinking


For sure, every individual on earth has the ability to think, however, some may dislike the idea of thinking. According to Myers-Briggs, “the Thinking function simply means there is a preference in finding the basic truth or principle to be applied to the situation.” When thinking we tend to analyze the pros and cons of the situation and come up with a logical decision per our perception. The thinking function used in decision-making is greatly influenced by one’s preference to extroversion or introversion.

Introverted thinking

Here the thought process is consistent and logical. Introverted thinkers have a difficulty in explaining the situation as they view the situation as a web, not a sequential process. Sometimes they may over-explain an idea in trying to make the listener(S) understand their point of view. Then tend to break problems into fine distinctions having subcategories and sub-principles then use the framework to analyze, problem-solve and improve on the product, process or concept. They come up unique solutions as they as good in finding flaws and holes in the problem. Introverted thinkers tend to improve rather than creating (or fixing what is broken) hence are good consultants.

Extroverted thinking

The thought process concentrates on external laws and rules to arrive at a logical and consistent decision. This is not to mean that they are all rule followers as some of them toes-on-the-line especially if the existing rules are not logical or pragmatic. Most of the people in this group tend to have a schedule or a plan. Extroverted thinkers have a step by step problem-solving tendency. That is to mean that they can not do problem 3 unless they clear problem 2 and 1.

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